Twitter Q&A

@AmiKatyC How do you feel about being classified as a Bizarro writer and how accurately does that title apply to your work?

@JeremyCShipp I like being a Bizarro. Each author in the community has a unique style, voice, and point of view. We’re all weird, and that I am.

@FreddysFingers So based on the current economic standpoint do you think that we, as a nation, can ever recover and if so what are your ideas?

@JeremyCShipp I believe civilization on the whole is currently running on fumes. Only systemic zombification could revive us now.

@kekw What’s your personal favourite out of all the stories you’ve written? And why?

@JeremyCShipp At this point, Cursed. Probably because I wrote the tale recently, and because I feel such a deep connection with the characters.

@mystica43229 Do you have 2 clean up gnome poop in your yard?

@JeremyCShipp I don’t have to clean up any poop, because the ninja monkeys use the poop to create their ninja stars.  Gross but effective.

@crucify_brett Why are you so likable?

@JeremyCShipp I try to let my natural weirdness shine through. Some seem to like that. The attic clowns don’t think I’m evil enough though.

@littlefluffycat I remember the guy who filmed Egg was surprised at the difference between writer-you & you-you. Happen a lot? 🙂 Discuss!

@JeremyCShipp Various people I’ve met assume writers of dark fiction must be scary. But I’m not. I’m rather soft-spoken and unassuming.

@SinAuthor When the world is taken over by the living dead, who will your zombie celebrity crush be?

@JeremyCShipp I’m the sort of zombie who only crushes on his zombie wife. In truth, I’m only be interested in celebrities for their brains.

@catstrak Exactly how many gnomes live in your attic?

@JeremyCShipp 101 Yard Gnome Dalmatians used to live in my attic until the evil clowns started oozing from the mirror up there. Now there are 0.

@MariAdkins How many gnomes does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

@JeremyCShipp It would take a team of 40 extremely tiny gnomes to get there Journey to the Center of the Earth style.

@ShennandoahDiaz If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be and why?

@JeremyCShipp I’d be a filing cabinet filled with notebooks and papers. Even as a human, my innards are stuffed with stories and ideas.

@SamBradley11 Has social media worked as a marketing tool?

@JeremyCShipp Social media has blessed me with copious opportunities to stay connected with my readers and to increase my readership.

@chrisbowsman What is your favorite movie, tv show, and food, and what influence do these have on your writing?

@JeremyCShipp The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Naruto, Spaghetti.  These inspired my spaghetti western story about skeleton ninjas.

@bnapier A LARGE peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a yard gnome that talks only in haiku? Which would you rather spend the next 5 minutes with?

@JeremyCShipp I’m a human who loves his peanut butter, but I I’d choose the haiku gnome. Gnomic haiku are cheesy but extraordinarily moving.

@Dezarath Of your work, what story would you want to have adapted by a director of your choice?

@JeremyCShipp It would be a dream come true for Takashi Miike, Terry Gilliam, Park Chan-wook or Hayao Miyazaki to direct Cursed.

@DamonLord Quick! Your house is on fire and you can only save ONE of your books/stories. Which one?

@JeremyCShipp I’d save Cursed. I’m proud of the book on many levels, and I love the characters. They’ve been excellent imaginary friends.

@Chivalrybean Why do you sell via subscription as opposed to single stories on your website?

@JeremyCShipp The subscription service motivates me to write more stories more often. And I think the varied subscription levels are fun.

@JohnnyHellstrom Who killed Bambi?

@JeremyCShipp Bambi falls prey to a cycle of violence. The hunter kills her mom. She kills the hunter. The hunter’s daughter kills Bambi.

@chrisbowsman What’s the worst movie you’ve ever finished, and the worst you shut off?

@JeremyCShipp Some movies are so bad they’re awesome, like Troll 2.  Glitter, however, was just horrible. And I couldn’t finish The Ringer.

@jenni_fleur What crazy thing do you do/ own for inspiration when you write? Like Ernest Hemingways, rabbit foot in the pocket crazy.

@JeremyCShipp For inspiration, I like to surround myself with weird toys, art, figurines, masks, statues, yard gnomes, and coconut monkeys.

@crucify_brett If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, which would you prefer, alive or dead? And who would it be?

@JeremyCShipp I’d want to pick Hayao Miyazaki’s brain.  I’d prefer to meet him after we’re both dead, because being ghosts would be fun.

@chrisbowsman If it meant they’d henceforth ignore you, would you unleash the attic clowns upon the public at large?

@JeremyCShipp I wouldn’t wish an attic clown onslaught on even my worst enemy. Plus, the clowns make a delicious rubber chicken noodle soup.

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