losing my grandmother

my Grandmother passed away
and I’ve lost one of the most important people in my life
and I feel broken

maybe part of me thought she wouldn’t die
couldn’t die

she was always a little more than human to me
but I suppose she was mortal, like the rest of us, after all
and maybe that’s a beautiful thing.

she was an active and powerful woman, to the very end
with the best kind of actions
and the best kind of power

her strength and her compassion were so connected
there was no separating them

she loved her family with all her heart
and she made us feel special
she made me feel special

i went to her house every Friday Night for most of my life
but now she has a new home
in a place I can’t visit

someday, though, I’ll find my way there
because no matter how much I love life, I won’t live forever

and maybe that’s a beautiful thing, too

5 thoughts on “losing my grandmother

  1. I’m sorry you lost your grandmother. It’s sad and heartbreaking when people go where we can’t see them anymore. My mom died two years ago. I never expected it to actually happen. In the end, we all ride the same little boat, puttering around the hours we live. Then, one day, fewer of us are there.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Jeremy. This made me stop and think of my own grandparent’s passing several years ago. It brought up a lot of memories of my childhood and the time I spent with them. They lived around the corner, so I saw them almost daily for the first 12 years of my life. When they passed, I knew it was time for them to go on, but it still made it hard. I think this made it a little easier to remember.

  3. That was a beautiful poem, and dear to my heart as well. My grandmother is has terminal cancer and we’re trying to prepare, but you really can’t prepare for a loss like that. You can reason about it, but when it happens the pain is still a shock.

    May you keep her memory near to your heart.

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