a conversation between beavers

Mr. Beaver 1: Hello, my name is Mr. Beaver.

Mr. Beaver 2: What a coincidence. My name is also Mr. Beaver.

MB1: We should start a band. We could call ourselves Mr. Beaver and Mr. Beaver.

MB2: Why does your name get to go first?

MB1: Probably because I have a stronger tail.

MB2: You don’t even have a tail.

MB1: My tail was so strong that it broke free from my body to start its own demolishing business in Kansas.

MB2: Why Kansas?

MB1: I don’t know. He never talked to me much about his dreams. I think part of him was guilty about wanting to move so far away.

MB2: Wait a second. I thought you sold your tail to a walrus a few weeks ago.

MB1: No, that walrus was just a metaphor for Kansas.

MB2: How does a walrus represent Kansas?

MB1: Think about it this way. Walrus. Wall. House. City. City Slickers. Billy Crystal. Crystal ball. Lucille Ball. Hilarious. Hill. And there are a lot of hills in Kansas.

MB2: No there aren’t.

MB1: Well, I distracted you long enough to steal your teeth, didn’t I?

MB2: That’s true.

MB1: Don’t you mean that’s the tooth?

MB2: No.

MB1: Oh.

MB2: So. Shall we go?

MB1: Toe.

MB2: Why did you say toe?

MB1: You know, to keep things rhyming.

MB2: But it didn’t make any sense.

MB1: Let’s go climb a fence.

MB2: You’re good at that.

MB1: Something something rat.

MB2: I spoke too soon.

MB1: You’re an oil tycoon.

MB2: How did you know that?

MB1: No matter how many times you swim in the water, you can’t wash the stench of dirty money off you. I know what you did to obtain your fortune. I was there.

MB2: Watch out for that bear!

MB1: Now you’re getting it.

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