Gnomic Blog Tour 2010

Oct. 19th Monkey Faced Demon

Oct. 21st Twisted Central

Oct. 24th Flashes in the Dark

Oct. 30th The Word Count Podcast Halloween Special

Oct. 31st Slushpile Hero

Oct. 31st The Nebu Khet’s Cry

Nov. 2nd Best Damn Creative Writing Blog

Nov. 4th Bullets and Butterflies

Nov. 12th My Love Affair With Books

Nov. 14th Jodi Lee Lives Here

Nov 15th Yuma Sun

Nov. 17th Jennifer Welborn Writes

Nov. 18th Monsters and Miracles

Nov. 20th Gary William Murning Online

Nov. 22nd Down to the Core

Nov. 22nd Bibliognome

Nov. 24th Niteblade

Nov. 26th Werewolf Kibble

Nov. 28th The Sunday Book Review

Would you like me to stop by your blog during my Blog Tour? E-mail me at chrismatrix(at)yahoo(dot)com

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