Wilde Stories 2011

Here’s the table of contents for Wilde Stories 2011,  edited by Steve Berman:

  • “Love Will Tear us Apart”  by Alaya Dawn Johnson
  • “Map of Seventeen”  by Chris Barzak
  • “How to Make Friends in Seventh Grade”  by Nick Poniatowski
  • “Mortis Persona”  by Barbara A. Barnett
  • “Mysterium Tremendum”  by Laird Barron
  • “Oneirica”  by Hal Duncan
  • “Lifeblood”  by Jeffrey Ricker
  • “Waiting for the Phone to Ring”  by Richard Bowes
  • “Blazon”  by Peter Dubé
  • “All the Shadows”  by Joel Lane
  • “The Noise”  by Richard Larson
  • “How to Make a Clown”  by Jeremy C. Shipp
  • “Beach Blanket Spaceship”  by Sandra McDonald
  • “Hothouse Flowers:  or The Discreet Boys of Dr. Barnabas”  by Chaz Brenchley

I’m honored to be a part of this anthology! You can order your copy here.

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