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9 thoughts on “Sporktastic Giveaway

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  2. So I clicked on Sheep and Wolves book, went to Amazon, peeked inside and submersed myself in your crazy head that’s actually cool. I read the “watch” story, which was totally cool. I loved the way you jump in, it sort of had that weird “dream” feeling to it where things make sense but not really, but do really? I’m positive you know exactly what I’m saying.

    You’re an amazing writer, the narrative in first person present tense was very well done. I just realized the difference between first person present tense and first person past tense (at least to me), This might sound oxymoronish, but it has this crazy close yet distant feel to it. I mean…it’s more of an invitation into the mind, like a deliberate opening of a door, a deliberate showing, feels more conscious like, this is who I am, check it out. I never realized this before, but at least with this first person narrative, it felt more inclusive at the reader level. Like it allowed me to be intimate with the character in real time, but at the same time, it has that uncertain rooting in time like past tense has. It switches between very intimate in experience, but more distant conceptually. The only thing I would’ve wanted more of was clarity in the beginning of who he was and what he actually did for a living. You say it in a way, but I wasn’t sure if he was a nut job, or his supposed boss was a nut job, which I still think both are, and yet not. Like crazy people treating crazy people, or they were all part of some Shutter Island therapy.

    I loved the way you captured your character, the way he thought, the way he spoke, the way he observed. It helped to make it feel very intimate and inside in that respect. I loved the theme with the doll. Odd that a man would be so in tune with the horror of that truth. All these women wanting love and dying to get it but always ending up getting abused in their efforts. It was really sadly true.

    I love comments like: I’m afraid my eyes will pop out, but they don’t.
    But I think my favorite line in the entire thing was: Beside the Siren there’s Baubo, with breasts for eyes and a vulva for a mouth. (that’s just sickly hilarious)

    Anyway, loved the writing. The ONLY thing I found really distracting with first person present in your piece was the “I say” it gave it a very staged, re-enacted feel. Funny, but I think the rule in first person present tense on tags shouldn’t be “I say” because it isn’t as unobtrusive as the more common “I said” and in light of the commonality of “I said” — “I say” seems to stand out even more. At least to me it did.

    By the way, I’m posting using my facebook, so my profile pic is different than on Google+.

    You’re an awesome writer.

  3. Kevin Noble Hellon

    Your stories make me stagger. My mind reels from the contact with your imagination. Please accept my subscription. KNH

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