Jeremy C. Shipp’s Fiction Writing Bootcamp

Starting September 12, I’ll be teaching online course on fiction writing.

Details about the class:

This fun, intensive 4-week online course is perfect for writers who want to hone their craft and polish their work for publication. Through writing exercises, lectures, and feedback from your instructor and fellow classmates, you will grow as an author and refine your own unique voice and style. After you finish the course, your muse will thank you with a dinner and a movie.

The course will consist of the following activities:

-Read lectures spawned by your instructor’s twisted mind that explore the craft and business of writing
-Write one short story
-Present your work for critique by instructor and classmates
-Rewrite the short story
-Complete imaginative and challenging writing exercises every week, which will be critiqued by your instructor

This course will utilize a state-of-the-art online classroom, where instructor and students can communicate easily and effectively.

The class is structured so that it can fit around your schedule. You’ll be able to log in the classroom at any time, day or night, in order to read the lectures, post your assignments, and critique the writing of your fellow students.

The class will start September 12, 2011 and end October 10, 2011.

The price for the course is $99.

If you’re interested in signing up for the class, email me at bizarrobytes(at)gmail(dot)com and include the following information:

Preferred payment method (paypal/check/money order):

At this point the class has 4 openings left.

Thanks so much for your interest in the Fiction Writing Bootcamp.

-Jeremy C. Shipp

P.S. Feel free to email me if you have any questions: bizarrobytes(at)gmail(dot)com

Feedback from past students:

“Shipp’s class really helped me solidify my skills and confidence as a writer. Every assignment was fun and challenging and I enjoyed the camaraderie between the teacher and the students. The biggest benefit to me was getting feedback on my work and affirmation on what my skills are and where I can improve. Plus, my short story assignment made it to the finals for a competition! Every fiction writer should take this course. It was the most affordable and most valuable course I have taken thus far. Two furry thumbs up!
–Shennandoah Diaz

“The compulsive writer side of me is always looking for ways to improve my craft and style. To do that, I have to absorb skills and knowledge and tips and tricks from any source available. Reading, and reading a lot, is one way. Participating inwriting/critique groups is another and one I like. A formal classes at a favorite college or university can also help, but the cost and inconvenience of a classroom setting is usually a deal breaker. I recently attended Jeremy C. Shipp’s Yard GnomeFiction Army Bootcamp online writing class. If you are a bizarro or dark fiction fan, you owe it to yourself to read as much of Shipp’s work as you can (and beg him for more when you are done). His website is a great start and even his Twitter habits are glorious (and you can find his novels at Amazon). Students hit the ground running in this crash course with short assignments due the first week. Don’t get me wrong, even the busiest participant can manage the workload. Throughout the class, Shipp guides students to complete weekly exercises to strengthen lecture matter and each student has the opportunity to complete a short story, critique classmates’ writing, and draft the first chapter of a fictitious, but potential novel. Shipp is a terrific author with an outstanding teaching style that reinforces the positive while gently critiquing the negative. I consider it a rare opportunity to pick the brain of a published writer in a learning environment at such an affordable price. Did Shipp’s class help? The resulting short story is on its way to being published and the first chapter has quickly evolved into a novel-length work. The fiction I’ve written using the tools and skills Shipp helped me develop have gotten more positive responses than ever before. I’m more than satisfied. I’ve actually considered taking his class again just for the experience and would take a follow-on course without hesitation.”–Keith Dugger

“The exercises were brilliantly formed to bring out the best we could write, the interaction and critique between the students and the teacher was wonderfully insightful, and the end result was an increase in my confidence and ability as a writer. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to grow in their skill and mastery of writing.”–Geoff Brown

“The class has really opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn’t know about writing. I’m so glad I took the class. Jeremy is a great instructor. It is well worth the money to take the course!”

“This class is more than worth the money. I’m very happy that I’ve been able to participate.”

“I have regained some of my confidence in my writing, where before I was completely discouraged. Am I getting what I need out of the class? I would definitely say ‘Yes.’ Would I recommend the class to others? Again definitely ‘Yes.'”

“I have found your lectures to be extremely engaging and a joy to read. They entertain as they pass on your wisdom. You make it a joy to learn. The exercises are great. I’ve enjoyed them immensely. I’ve been forced to stretch but had a fun time doing so. You are extremely supportive of your students. Thank you for that.”

“The course is wonderful. I have learned so much. The lectures are easy to read and follow.”

“The class is great! I love all the feedback I get and appreciate Jeremy taking the time to critique my work!”

“Love it! You provided the clearest example of show vs tell that I have seen so far. The exercises are fun and engaging, and exactly what I needed to help me get over my last writer’s hump and finish my novel (nearly done).”

“Very helpful in direction, honesty, avenues to explore, guidelines. You have a grace that soothes when critiquing.”

4 thoughts on “Jeremy C. Shipp’s Fiction Writing Bootcamp

  1. Tay Robinson

    Omgosh, this is a wonderful opportunity! I would love to take advantage of this prospect if only, I had more notice!! I am an aspiring writer (I think?? I’ve been working on my book for the past 5 years! I’m sure it shouldn’t take that long to write a book . . . right??) which would love a chance to learn the writing fundamentals. Please keep me posted on when a class such as this will be offered again. Thank you!! 😦

  2. This is an amazing class, the writing exercises were fun and stimulating and really got my imagination going, the feedback was positive and helpful, and I felt I gained a sense of confidence in my writing that I didn’t have before. Jeremy’s lectures are informative and helpful. I got a lot out of the class, and I plan to take it again in the future to workshop another story and get feedback. In addition, Jeremy made it easy for the students in the class to get together and talk about things through the forums.
    Possibly the greatest living horror writer, Peter Straub, acknowledges Jeremy is one of the great writers of today and this class is worth it to get such a skilled writer’s opinions. Check out some of Jeremy’s stories online- there are links on his site- he is a great writer- and teacher.
    -David L Tamarin, writer for Girls and Corpses Magazine,,, Severed Cinema


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