Gnomes that eat children

I love that someone found my website by searching for “gnomes that eat children”.

Since there still seem to be people out there who believe this gnomic myth, let’s set the record straight.

MYTH: Gnomes eat children.

TRUTH: Gnomes are vegan. Some Gnomes simply cook children for ogres, to exchange for shoe horns.

4 thoughts on “Gnomes that eat children

  1. So you’re saying the ones with fishing rods are doing it for sport? I think not! We went to Gnome World in Cornwall and I could feel them all sizing up my children. I swear one even had a recipe book. Mind you the attendanat at Gnome world did have something of the look of Shrek about him so maybe what you say makes sense.

  2. BigWords

    *shocked face*

    Have you never heard of Red Caps???

    They’re the visual inspiration for gnomes (the red cap is kinda a dead giveaway), and they are very much meat-eaters. They are the reason a person shouldn’t follow a narrow path through two higher areas, especially if the path has been out of use for a while.

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