Idols & Cons – Guest Post by S. S. Michaels

Thanks for having me on your blog today, Jeremy. I have a new book scheduled to be released on November 15th, so I’d like to talk a little bit about that.

People ask me how IDOLS & CONS, a story about drugs, murder, art, and imprisonment in a boy band came about. Well, I was working on award shows in Hollywood at the time and I spent some time hanging around, getting to know a little bit about the talent. One of the biggest guests we had was a boy band, and just seeing their dynamic, how they seemed like this cute little clique, an evil thought entered my head about what it might feel like to be someone kind of edgy forced into a situation where they had to be perfect and bubble-gummy all the time. Hence, the situation in my story.

Another question I get is about transgressive fiction, and what it means to be transgressive, and why I choose to write this kind of misfit mix of disturbia. I actually did not know that what I was writing was called “transgressive” – it was a label given to me by a couple of agents and at least one editor. And, it’s just what comes out of my head. I’ve known marginalized people – drug addicts, people afflicted with mental illness, “outsiders” (thankfully no murderers, though) – and I find them fascinating characters in life, so why not blow them up to larger-than-life and put them in a book? I’ve lived in a lot of different places and have seen so many different things in life, I like to bring in what’s interesting, what most people aren’t writing about. My editor says my writing is “like getting punched in the face until you vomit. In a good way.” I like that. I think a lot of people will find my book interesting, to say the least.

In IDOLS & CONS, Jake Wolfram is the biggest, slickest, sickest pop star of our time.

Drug-dealing voyeuristic punk, Jake, is yanked from poverty and into the white-hot spotlight after witnessing a crime committed by his neighbor, Damien Tungsten, front man for the boy band, In Dreams.

Jake lives life on the run, hiding in the limelight, and resenting every single minute of it. He’s relentlessly pursued by his former friend, psychopathic visual artist, Patrick Salinger, who coerces Jake into helping him turn a grisly murder into a masterpiece.

Seizing control of the power he craves, Jake disposes of Damien, confronts Patrick, and lives a bad-boy rock-and-roll lifestyle as he hijacks Damien’s super-stardom.

But Damien’s not quite ready to let it go.

IDOLS & CONS will be available November 15th.

Thanks, Jeremy, for having me on your blog. Tell the Attic Clown I’m ready to give him another stomping whenever he’s ready. Bring it, Clown!

S. S. Michaels has written three novels, and has had several short pieces appear in on-line publications. She has worked for Scott Free, dick clark productions, inc., and CBS. Visit her on the web at

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