One thought on “So your cat wants a massage?

  1. Whisker watch alert! Not only can you massage your cat but with a whisker watch alert system you can shave your cat’s beard. Remember a bristly cat is an unhappy cat. If massaging your cat doesn’t feel like enough service to the cat, then why not follow the cat around and wipe his backside when he leaves excrement in your neighbour’s garden. There’s a lot of pleasure to be had in climbing over walls and squeezing through fences just to be there with the toilet roll, but rememeber if the neighbour comes out and you’re standing over a turd on his lawn with a dirty piece of toilet tissue it’s going to look bad. The cat will have gone so you’ll have to learn to jump fences really quickly. Remember ‘whisker watch alert’ for a well shaved cat and ‘buttwipe kitty follow’ for a happy cat.

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