Kindle 3G Giveaway

We at Slices of Bizarro Pie (and by that I mean me: Jeremy) are giving away a brand new Kindle 3G to one lucky reader!


To be eligible for the Kindle 3G, simply subscribe to this blog.

If you’re already a subscriber, then you’re already eligible to win.

The winner will also receive:

–A Titanium Spork.

–Free Kindle copies of any four of my eBooks, chosen from the following:

Attic ClownsTip Your Ninja

(Feel free to click on the images to learn more about each book.)

The winner will be chosen once the blog reaches 1000 subscribers. All 1000 subscribers will be eligible to win, and the winner will be chosen at random.

Thank you for your support!

111 thoughts on “Kindle 3G Giveaway

  1. My life has been rendered meaningless by the utter dearth of titanium sporks in the cutlery drawer. I think I need a titanium spork almost as much as I covet a Kindle 3G. Almost.

    Good luck with hitting the 1000 mark.

  2. I, also, am terribly excited about the idea of a titanium Spork. In fact, in the description of the blog in my !New! Subscription, that is the descriptor I have used.


  3. I am widely known for my love of sporks and I support you all the time. Please, please, please? I will even befriend the Attic Clown (you KNOW I’m afraid of that sucker) for my lust for the titanium spork… and the books of yours that I don’t already have….

    I do already subscribe, but had to comment on my commitment…

  4. Maureen

    Subscribed and follow you on Twitter as @msmorev Your books sound interesting & I’d love to read them. Plus, I would love a kindle. Thanks for the opportunity

  5. Okay, I subscribed through the feed and boom! My google reader now has 1000+ feeds. Does that mean I get two sporks? Already following you on twitter so I’m retweeting there. So don’t forget to enter the chocolate contest on my blog, much better odds with only a couple entries this month.

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  8. Nicole Elaine

    Sign me up, please. Not so much for the prizes, though that would be a boon, but because I’d like to know you better & antic gymnastics of your brain.
    Mwah & good day,

  9. new subscriber here via email… I definitely enjoy a different read, something a little out of the ordinary, and I had to check out your style of writing before entering-I’m glad to see that your books are something I would enjoy (I’m a big fan of the Hot Blood horror series of books from back in the day) so even if I don’t win, I am looking forward to checking out your work soon!

  10. Mel

    I’m a big fan of short stories and have just sent a free sample of Sheep and Wolves to my Kindle for further investigation. Can’t wait to check it out!

  11. RodeoBucket

    I just got my own wordpress blog and you are my first wordpress blog follow!! 🙂 that seems appropriate to me. And I see here you have 3 books I haven’t gotten yet. I got a chance to recommend you on LibraryThing not long ago, that was cool.

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  13. joe

    Closest I ever come to winning, is filling out the registrations. So I wait and see.

    Real is life,
    Though it seems,
    But then again,
    So are dreams.

    Yep part of one of my poems. Want the rest… Email me

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