Interview with Sean Hemeon

Sean Hemeon stars in Husbands, a marriage equality comedy. He also played Max on As The World Turns, and recently he was excited to play a vampire on one of his favorite TV shows: True Blood.

Jeremy C. Shipp: How did you land the gig on Husbands the Series?

Sean Hemeon: I auditioned. I was the only one who had to audition. Haley was written for Alessandra and Cheeks, well Cheeks wrote it, so yep, just me. They auditioned for a whole month, saw hundreds if not thousands of submissions, and read with a bunch of guys and were going to settle for this one gentlemen. However, Cheeks had a feeling they should have one more go around and reached out further to the casting directors they knew and two of them said, “Oh, that sounds like Sean.” So in I came and then suddenly I found myself married to Cheeks!

Jeremy: If you could try any imaginary food from a book or film, which one would you choose?

Sean: I love the scene from Hook when Peter Pan has to remember what it’s like to be a kid for the imaginary food to appear. And I remember I always wanted to eat the imaginary food.

Jeremy: How does acting in a web series differ from your other acting experiences?

Sean: That depends on the type of web series – Husbands is a comedy that does have some basis in reality, it however feels like it’s more and so therefore the acting can afford to be bigger and broader! It almost feels more like stage!

Jeremy: If you were a supervillian, what kind of ray would you use? A deathray, freezeray, or some other sort of ray?

Sean: I’d use a truth ray and make the entire world tell the truth. That’d bring the world down…which is unfortunate…or would it…hmm not sure how’d that pan out. At least we’d know Michelle Bachman is really a scared Lesbian. Yeah I got political – her husband’s gay too…welcome to the “dark side,” ladies (insert super villian laugh).

Jeremy: Did growing up in a full house with six other siblings help shape who you are today?

Sean: Not only that but I was the middle child! It’s probably why I am a performer…”Hey Mom, look over here – look! look!” We had to fight for our parents attention.

Jeremy: If you were a vampire, what kind of clothes would you wear?

Sean: I fucking love vampires. It excites my dark side to have such supreme confidence cause you know you can snap any m’fers neck if they’re being stupid. Yep – definitly have the courage to finally wear all leather…boots, jacket…the whole thing.

Jeremy: Your favorite experience so far with Husbands?

Sean: Trying to outrun the security from LA Live was a special bonding moment. Spending the weekend with Cheeks in the hotel set was special. Naming the Zebra Rachel. Dying of laughter with Alessandra over Haley’s “taste like colors.” Saying Jane’s lines. Taking a hilarious suggestion from Jeff. Honestly not just saying this but Husbands is my most favorite experience overall for the entire year!

Jeremy: If you found yourself lost in a magic forest, what would you do first?

Sean: Ask the trees how to get out.

Jeremy: Was there a specific moment in your life that made you want to be a performer?

Sean: See: president of elementary school.

Jeremy: You were president of your elementary school. Did you have a campaign slogan?

Sean: I won my campaign because I stood in front of the entire school and sang my speech. It was to the tune of the Genie’s song from Aladdin, I sang, ” You ain’t never had a pres like me!” re: specific moment, performer…after I finished singing and looked up, I saw the entire school – kindergarten through 6th grade and the teachers – rolling around in such joyous laughter – I thought, “There might be something to this.” I was a horrible class president but hey I discovered I liked performing.

Jeremy: Do you think The Count from Sesame Street drinks the blood of the innocent?

Sean: Poor Bert and Ernie.

Jeremy: May they rest in peace. What’s the secret of comedy?

Sean: To not have a secret and to not try to be funny. Death to those who “try.”

Jeremy: What advice would you give to those who want to act on a web series?

Sean: Meet people any way you can. I had two casting directors suggest me for this web series, and they suggested me because they knew me outside of auditioning. You’re here to work but you’re also here to live, so make friends!

Jeremy: If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be, and how would you go about taking over the world?

Sean: The tree of life. Enough said.

Jeremy: What do you fear the least?

Sean: God – the Universe.

Jeremy: I can’t find my glasses. Any idea where I might have left them?

Sean: I have an idea. When I was younger I was late for school and couldn’t find my library book, so my good Christain mother said that I should pray about it. I ran to the book case, knelt down in front of it and asked God to help me find my book, after I said amen and opened my eyes the book was directly in front of me. That’s when I knew that I was the most important person in the entire galaxy because God stopped running the entire whatever it is we live in – dimensional, force, energy, universe thingie – to pay attention to lil me and only me. He had my vote after that…maybe you can pray about it and be as important as me. But don’t tell anyone else cause they’ll get mad.

Jeremy: Don’t worry, Sean. I won’t tell a soul. So, would you rather befriend a pygmy dragon, a giant Smurf, or a golem made of peanut butter?

Sean: Hmm, I don’t eat peanut butter – if it was almond butter we’d have a different answer. A giant smurf is like super gay and I’m gay enough. So I guess a pygmy dragon…I just wanted to be able to ride it but pygmy is like dog size and I’m so tall so that’s really like cat size and I can’t ride a cat cause I’m just too big for the p___. I led you down a dark path but you followed and read the entire thing and liked it! Have a nice day!

Thank you, Sean!

Want to watch Husbands the Series right now?

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About the author: Jeremy C. Shipp is the Bram Stoker nominated author of Cursed, Sheep and Wolves, and Always Remember to Tip Your Ninja. Jeremy enjoys living in Southern California in a moderately haunted Victorian farmhouse called Rose Cottage. He lives there with his wife, Lisa, and a legion of yard gnomes. The gnomes like him. The clowns living in his attic – not so much. His twitter handle is @JeremyCShipp.

9 thoughts on “Interview with Sean Hemeon

  1. Lisa

    Jeremy, I am a huge, long time fan of Cheeks. I am becoming a fan of yours and you brought out a side of Sean we haven’t seen before. I love your interview techniques. When you follow someone and read everything about them, it is so nice to read fresh, revealing questions. Looking forward to reading more articles from you and seeing more from Sean and Cheeks.

  2. What a great interview! I was dying laughing at the end. So fun too because Brady’s becoming my favorite husband, I think. I loved him folding laundry “like a straight guy” last episode.

  3. Sherrie Richey

    This is such a cute interview and Husbands is such an amazing little series. I really hope there’s more and that Sean and Husbands gets the wider audience it deserves!

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