Yesterday, my dad and I attended the Zombie Crawl in Riverside, California.

Here’s one of the zombies staring creepily at a skeleton dancer.

But the zombie guy wasn’t a creep, after all. He just wanted to dance.

Eventually, my dad and I wandered to the “Occupy Riverside” camp nearby. On a whim, we sat in on one of their meetings, and one of the highlights: there was a slightly off-kilter homeless gentleman who kept talking about episodes of Arrested Development. I must say, most of these Occupy Riverside folk were intelligent, passionate people who seemed to care quite a bit about helping others and giving a voice to marginalized groups.

We returned to the Zombie Crawl and watched the costume contest. At one point, a five-year-old girl stood in front of the judges and DJ Snipez asked, “Whose brains are you eating?” She smiled sweetly and said, “My auntie’s.”

Here’s DJ Snipez in all his Snipezy glory.

I got a picture with the winner of the costume contest. I died soon after.