Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

Today, my wife and I went to Long Beach Comic & Horror Con.

My wife and I are big fans of The Guild, so of course we had to go on The Guild Walking Tour. Here’s Sean Becker, the director of The Guild, telling us about the time he swam the English Channel. (Or maybe he was just talking about filming at Long Beach Comic Con last year.)

We got to look at the con program from The Guild Season 5. (I think they call this a “prop” in the biz.)

The Guild panel was fantastic. These here are hilarious people.

Sorry about the blurriness of the following photo. I couldn’t hold the camera steady, because I was terrified. This was the moment when Felicia Day snapped and grabbed her sword. After this, she went on a rampage and beheaded two Boba Fetts.

Me and Bladezz.

Here’s Angus Oblong, creator of The Oblongs, a show that I love.

Angus drew a picture of me as an Oblong character.

My wife and Georges Jeanty. We love his work.

My wife with Gregg Berger (the voice of Odie!) and Walter Jones (a Power Ranger!). Gregg told me that I need to make a TV Show based on my novel Cursed. Gregg and Walter both want to guest star.

Boba Fett (RIP).

John Carpenter. Love him.

And here are some other cool pics.

4 thoughts on “Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

  1. Very cool, Jeremy! I saw these on my iPhone the day you posted, but neglected to get back until just now to see the photos again by pc. Great shots! My oldest is a senior in hs who would love to travel to San Diego for Comicon. We’re in the Fresno area, so perhaps one of these days.
    Take it easy and have a good week.


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