Halloween 2011

My wife and I carved pumpkins with Rocky Horror playing in the background. Afterward, my wife roasted the pumpkin seeds with cinnamon and sugar. Yumtastic.

Our jack-o’-lanterns. Right after this picture, my pumpkin ate one of my fingers, but that was to be expected.

My wife bought me this shirt at Long Beach Comic & Horror Con. A perfect shirt to wear on Halloween (or any other day of the year, for that matter).

My wife dressed up as a witch. The most beautiful witch in the world, in my eyes.

I just wore my normal “going out” clothes. (A big thanks to Scott Marshall for the costume!)

The little Attic Clown and I had a bit of an argument (emphasis on the word “bit”).

Eventually we made up.

Later that night, Lisa and the little clown and I went to the Fox Theater to watch The Addams Family.

Here I am hanging out with my little buddy before the movie.

I hope you had a lovely Halloween, readers. And if you don’t celebrate Halloween, I hope you had a swell October 31st.

See you in your dreams.

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