Writers Hugging Pigs #3 – Ash Lomen

Welcome to the third installment of the Writers Hugging Pigs photo series. This installment features Ash Lomen.



Ash Lomen is a strange writer from the storm-ridden shores of Southern Louisana. Romeo is a small pig that loves Ash Lomen simply because Ash is one of the people who controls his food supply. Romeo enjoys eating and dirt. And sometimes eating dirt.

Ash Lomen has had short stories published in various forms both online and off… including his apperance in the shit-scary series “Bare Bone” and his weird novella “Blow Up The Outside World” with bizarro author Jordan Krall. He works hard only to feed his pig’s massive hunger.

2 thoughts on “Writers Hugging Pigs #3 – Ash Lomen

  1. Richard Wiseman

    You say the pig eats a lot, but the pig is so trim and in shape. Is this the dirt diet? Perhaps you should look into this as people are always on the look out for new diets, especially celebrities. Once the dirt diet has been shown to be the way to lose wright you could get a celebrity to endorse it. I can see the picture of Victoria Beckham wolfing down a spoon of dirt with slogan “Eat dirt and look like a pig… Victoria does!”

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