15 films that impacted me


1. Princess Mononoke
2. Dark Crystal
3. Memento
4. Adventures of Baron Munchausen
5. Dead Alive
6. Fight Club
7. Labyrinth
8. Robin Hood
9. Star Wars
10. Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
11. City Of Lost Children
12. The Nightmare Before Christmas
13. Psycho
14. Oldboy
15. Eraserhead

I’m tagging everyone who reads this. Post your 15 films on your blog.

7 thoughts on “15 films that impacted me

  1. Heyy Jeremy, saw your list the other night and meant to come by and hassle you a little over it ;p
    Kidding of course .. Momento is a biggie for me(moviewise) with my freakin aphasia. Love love love the whole vibe of the movie. So, hope your writing, and chillin out. I squeezed my list down at the close of my “update”(no one readsme trustme). So yeah mister clowns in the traumatic attic, catch you at goodreads or somewhere between here and there. Here’s that list: http://wp.me/p4vHcV-4.


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  3. Funny how your post has the list and nothing else, but the replies and counter-posts (including my own) have long explanations.


    My list is not exactly keeping with the challenge, but I did explain on my blog:

    1) Conan The Barbarian ( both versions, but mainly the books by the late, great Robert E. Howard)

    2) Outlander

    3) Pirates of The Caribbean (All of ‘em!)

    4) Die Hard (First 3. Most of the recent Bruce Willis movies look like he just isn’t into his character. Even RED2.)

    5) Friday The 13th (all but the 3rd one. I found myself uninterested when the killer gets someone else to do his wet, um, dirty work)

    6) A Nightmare on Elm Street (again, all but the 3rd one)

    7) The Harry Potter series. Yes, I’m serious!

    8) Star Wars

    9) Star Trek (all: Fan, but not fanatical)

    10) Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

    11) Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078579/ if you don’t know)

    12) Final Destination (all, but did not really like the protagonist of the first one)

    13) Resident Evil (all)

    14) I Spit On Your Grave (remake, not original)

    15) {{{…; If it’s listed as “Horror” “Action” or “Adventure”, maybe “Fantasy”, I’ll give it a shot. Just not the ones that look like they were recorded with a webcam or iPhone behind and under the local campus.}}}

    — John
    So, who’s next?

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