More Date Ideas


More date ideas from JCS:

-travel back in time and play childish pranks on your ancestors

-get possessed and see who can spin their head the fastest

-serenade each other with melodicas

-see who can transmogrify into a pineapple first

-create a kitten-sized elephant in a lab

-watch a ballet performed by trained velociraptors

-explore the Grand Canyon in a catbus

-spoil a picnic being held by giant ants

-use a shrink ray to travel into each other’s hearts

-come up with a world domination plan together

-search for hedgehog ghosts

-touch your eyeballs together

-organize a civil war reenactment with Furbies

-bake unbirthday cakes for each other

-feed the dinosaurs

-build a robot butler out of Commodore 64s

-put Schrödinger’s cat inside Pandora’s box and see what happens

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