The Atrocities is out today!


The summoning spells finally worked, and my gothic novel THE ATROCITIES is out today!

You can order the book on Amazon, or wherever books are sold. You can also ask a demonic hedgehog to recite the entire tale into your ear while you sleep.

Thanks in advance to everyone who reads the book. You are the reason why I share my stories.

And here are a few blurbs, to whet your most macabre of appetites:

“If I had to narrow down The Atrocities to just a few words, I would choose: surreal, beautiful and grotesque…. It’s got the dread of Shirley Jackson mixed with the funhouse terror of Hieronymus Bosch.” — Outlaw Poet

“Any fans of haunted houses or strange families will thoroughly enjoy reading this short novel.” — Booklist

If Agatha Christie had fallen through a Lovecraftian Portal, and then penned a locked room mystery, with illustrations by William Blake, the result might resemble the vast estate, ‘The Atrocities,’ and its family, in this stunning Gothic panorama.” — Mallory Heart

“A haunting, grotesquely beautiful, atmospheric work of Gothic horror, The Atrocities didn’t play out quite as I expected, but it’s those final twists that elevated it from memorable to unforgettable.” — Bob Milne, Beauty in Ruins


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