Bedfellow-themed Mystery Box


The Bedfellow-themed Mystery Box contains a bounty of surprise items that are hand-selected by the monster in the novel.

As you read through the novel, you’ll be instructed to unwrap certain gifts as you reach particular pages. For example, on page 56 the character Marvin might express his love for the film Howard the Duck, and you’ll then unwrap a particular gift that turns out to be a Howard the Duck collectible.

If you’re living in the United States, click the “Buy Now” link below to purchase a Bedfellow-themed Mystery Box that includes a signed paperback copy of Bedfellow. The cost is $39.99 for the Mystery Box and the signed book.

Mystery Box plus signed copy of Bedfellow –  Buy Now button

You can also purchase a Mystery Box without the signed paperback copy of Bedfellow for $29.99. Click the “Buy Now” below.

Mystery Box without copy of Bedfellow – Buy Now button

If you’re living outside the United States,  email us at and let us know that you’re interested in purchasing a Mystery Box. We can let you know how much it will cost.